Thumb Sucking

and Other bad Habits

Patients often resort to oral habits to replace missing stimulation to the incisal papilla that happens with a normal swallow. This stimulation triggers the brain to release endorphins.

or Toungue

or lip Sucking

Other Oral habits are all around us

Our body needs the stimulation against the papillae right behind our front teeth. That tickley bump on the roof of the mouth is tied to endorphins, growth hormone and neurotransmitters. All of these brain chemicals help us to feel a sense of well being, think quickly and efficiently and to grow at a normal rate. Amazing how our health and emotions are tied to our mouth and the center for eating and breathing.

Our tongue cessation therapy helps younger and older children to replace the thumb sucking or oral habits with healthy patterns .

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Myofunctional therapy is suitable for everyone from age 4 on up. Motivation and commitment are the keys to success!