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Why are we myofunctional Therapist?

We have been working in the field of Dentistry for over 20 years and were overjoyed to discover this holistic therapy for patients with unresolved health issues that originate from muscle imbalances or weaknesses in the mouth, head and neck. This is our specialty. We have been able to help people sleep better, resolved TMJ pain, mysterious stomach aches, ADHD symptoms, acid reflux and so much more. Even though our main area of focus is the head and neck area, a restricted airway , compensatal posture, a dysfunctional swallow, affects every part of you including your brain. Myofunctional therapy addresses the body as a whole- you are connected.

MyoFunctional Therapist at the Clinic

Lisa Hadman-

Having been trained by one of the countries trail blazing leaders in Myofunctional Therapy, I have become passionate about Myofunctional therapy! I continue to be amazed at how this therapy changes lives. Helping people is the desire of my heart. Myofunctional therapy is the tool that God has given me to help people sleep better, breathe better and live better.

Angela Pazzo -

I have been involved working with special needs gifted children for many years and have scoured research journals searching for the root cause of their symptoms. When I discovered the new field of myofunctional therapy it was the holistic answer I was looking for. I was privileged to be trained by Joy Moeller who is one of the countries leading experts in myofunctional therapy. There is nothing more satisfying to me than using the gifts that God has given me to reach out and help people of all ages who are hurting and struggling and to see such life changing differences that this therapy can bring.

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Myofunctional therapy is suitable for everyone from age 4 on up. Motivation and commitment are the keys to success!