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Myofunctional Therapy Helps:

         Fragmented Sleep & Apnea

         ADHD & Moodiness

         TMJ Pain & Headaches

         Tongue thrust

          Stomach Aches

          And many other symptoms...

    Myofunctional Therapy uses a combination of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy techniques to address muscle weaknesses and imbalances.  These muscle disorders can cause  many health concerns and behavioral issues.   Our  therapist evaluate each patient as a whole with holistic counseling  and craft and individual plan for their needs or refer them to the appropriate specialist.

The most common problem addressed by myofunctional therapy is a restricted airway!
Resulting in :
      Fragmented Sleep
      ADHD/ Emotional Volatility
      Sleep Apnea
      Mouth breathing
      Crowded teeth
      Slouching Posture

Other dysfunctional muscle patterns can affect  chewing and swallowing.  
Resulting in:
     Unexplained Stomach Aches
     Acid reflux
     TMJ pain & headaches
     Persistent Thumb sucking
     Stridor- false asthma attack
     Failure to Thrive

We address all of these issues with an individualized therapy plan as we encourage you step by step to better health.   So it is fitting that our motto is:

Breathe Well, Sleep Well, Live Well!

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Myofunctional therapy is suitable for everyone from age 4 on up. Motivation and commitment are the keys to success!